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Welcome! Thank you for your interest in writing for The Soul Collect. Before you get started there are some instructions we offer prospective writers so each piece can accurately depict the mission of our brand.

First of all, who are we?

We are a collective: a true collaboration of thoughts, testimonies, and personal experience from women on all different walks of life. It is a source of inspiration for women who desire a meaningful and enriching life. We are a community of women who seek wisdom and connection through transparency. We are passionate for travel. We realize the importance of sharing these experiences so that others can also benefit from the places we've been and the lessons we have learned because of those experiences. We are advocates for wellness, we believe that a happy heart begins with a body that thrives. We encourage productivity and we cultivate a community that encourages, supports, and guides one another to the women we want to become.

Our Mission...

To cultivate an intimate community of women who celebrate the art of transparency, relish in meaningful discussion, and aspire to a wholesome standard of living.

Now that you have an understanding of our mission, let’s talk about what kind of a post we are looking for. Each article should have an easy blend of personal experience along with the purpose of teaching, motivating, and/or encouraging others. In other words, what can our readers learn from your personal story or area of expertise, and how can they apply it to their lives? It is our hope that readers will deeply relate to the topic you are writing so they will come back and read more. Some posts will be more personal than others, which means not all articles will ask for a personal story. Whatever your topic may be, we ask that you abide by these guidelines:

  • Post should be between 500-1,000 words

  • Delivery format: Google Docs(send to Or via The Soul Collect Website

  • Pictures to accompany posts are optional, but greatly appreciated

  • Each post should be structured, divided into appropriate paragraphs, and easy to read  

  • Professional and sophisticated tone for text

  • All posts are subject to editing writes by The Soul Collect

Due to the influx in stories submitted, we cannot publish every article we receive. You will receive a message within two weeks via email if you have been selected to continue through our editing process. 

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