Motherhood Changed Me

Hi, I’m Jenna. In light of Mother’s Day on Sunday, I am honored to share a piece on Motherhood for this beautiful blog. Anna and I were just talking about how though many women may be in the same age range or generation, they may also be in completely different phases of their life. And even women who may be outside of our age range could also be in the same phase we are. I became a wife at 21, a business owner at 22, pregnant at 23 and a mother at 24. In a short amount of time I had crossed through several different life phases and now steadily remain within the stage of motherhood. And it appears I am here to stay for quite some time.  Most mothers of 3 preschoolers are older than I am, but I don’t see the effects of age between us. We are all just crazy harried moms of young children winging it in life, sometimes struggling for air and other times feeling like we are juggling everything like an expert.  

When I suggested adding a section related to motherhood for The Soul Collect, I noticed a slight hesitation in Anna’s eyes. I get it, I really do! To offer some background, Anna has recently moved in to my home so we can work together on another very large project, (more on that later.) She now has a first hand experience with how crazy a house full of kids can really be. So truly, her hesitation was sincerely warranted. She does not see this pretty place as a dumping ground for spit-up, diapers, ranting and toy recommendations. Neither do I. Though we do see the value in cultivating meaningful discussion on motherhood to women in all phases of life. We would like an opportunity for moms, yes even moms, to participate in rich conversation about topics that actually mean something to them. Because let’s be honest, this phase of my life breeds different sources of inspiration and connection than most of what I have read (and enjoyed, don’t get me wrong) on TSC. For me, travel and restaurants are strictly indulgent and rare. And to be even more honest, they’re not even important to me anymore.

So, here I am. Woman. 28 years old, married for over 7 years with 3 kids ages 2, 3 and 4. Motherhood has changed ME. Man, I would hope motherhood would change me or any person. Motherhood is supposed to change you, thank GOD it changes you.

Falling in love with my kids has not only changed my priorities and schedule, it has given me the capacity to truly empathize and love other people better.  My actions before I was a parent; the voice I had when I reacted to injustice, was so loud and vigilant. I felt like I had to do something, show up somewhere or yell at someone--start a riot or a movement! Now, I cry for the parents and truly feel a slice of their pain by imagining myself in it. I feel all the feelings as if they were mine, and I don’t forget their pain or loss. I truly pray for them and if I get the chance, I quietly reach out and let them know I feel it. Not to say either action is better because truly, both have their purpose. As a mom I feel more comforted when another mom reaches out. Because I know she loves her baby more than her life and she is imagining herself in my shoes. There is so much solidarity and comfort in having people in your circle who truly understand what you’re going through, and I am so excited to see that develop in this blog.

As a mother, I feel more connected to my world. I see every person as someone’s child; loved completely with no comparison. It’s crazy to think about the stories and lives behind every child I see at the park playing with my kids; wondering if their parents love them enough? Do they get fed enough? These are literally the thoughts that enter my brain on any given day. And I know I am not alone--I believe all mothers think like this.  

I have watched friend after friend become more empathetic like this. It makes me feel like I have a team behind me. It makes me feel as though we all care for  each other’s children on a deeper level because we have a newfound empathy that can only be experienced when you become a mother. What’s also encouraging is a mother’s instinct to love and nurture, (whether you become a mother or not,)  links women together in such a powerful way. It’s why I believe we are stronger than we are perceived, more powerful than we imagine, and more connected than we think we are.

I acknowledge my benefit; I have been given an invaluable gift with my ability to have my children. I know I am blessed and I thank God every day I have these three blessings in my life. I hope to encourage women who are unsure about having kids that this truly is the best part of my life. There is nothing cliche about loving children or children loving you. This is a love with no abandon, no limits, no conditions. And I pray that every woman who wants to be a mother, is granted the opportunity, for this truly is the best life.

Author: Jennifer Edmon | CEO & Co-Founder of Event Hollow | @jenniferedmon

Photos via Christina Whittaker |  Whittaker Portraits | @whitportraits