5 Ways to Practice Self-Care with Zero Time

You’re sitting at work, watching the clock slowly tick away. You’ve been there all day, with only minutes left until you’re off. You’re exhausted and can’t wait to get home....

Once you get home, you realize how messy your house looks. Clothes are piled in the laundry basket, dishes are dirty, and your dog needs to be fed. Sound familiar?

No matter how late you stay up, or how early you rise, there never seems to be enough time in the day to focus on the most important part of your life: Yourself.

Our attention is divided between so many tasks where one important task gets left behind—practicing self-care. We often forget to take care of ourselves because other things need to be tended to.

Well, I’m here to tell you it’s possible to care for yourself when you’re short on time. Here’s how:

Take Deep Breaths: While running through our daily tasks, it’s easy to become forgetful about intentional breathing. When there’s no time for a break, practice deep breathing instead. Stopping for a few purposeful breathes clears your head and reduces anxiety. It allows for a few seconds for you to focus and a way to refresh your state of mind.

Stretch: You don’t have to be a yogi to practice stretching. You just need a minute or two away from your desk to feel energized and free from the pain that comes from sitting at a computer all day. Raise your arms over your head, take a couple deep breaths then sweep your arms down towards your toes. Stretching is a simple way to ease your bodily pain. Not to mention it’s a quick hack for feeling rejuvenated throughout your day.

Exclude Technology for a Few: When our responsibilities take away most of our free time, FOMO may set in. Scrolling through Instagram and Facebook doesn’t help but sink in the feeling that we have missed out on great events. Before you start feeling as though you are missing out, take a step back and put down the device. Taking a break from social media will help reset your mind and focus on the present. Social media cleansing is a great way to encourage gratefulness for what you have, and enjoy what is right in front of you.

Dance it out: If staying home to clean isn’t your idea of fun, try adding music! Pick a fun, upbeat playlist to listen and dance to. This is your time to express your feelings in the form of dance. Releasing all that pent-up energy (or frustration) will help you feel better.

Think of What You’re Thankful For: Moments of anger or stress can leave us in a negative state of mind. Instead of letting those feelings consume you, think of what you’re thankful for each day. Whether it is your home, your career, your kids, your pets—anything that brings a smile to your face daily. Remembering all the good things that have happened to you takes seconds and over time can help you manage the stressful and negative occurrences in life.

Practice Self-Care in Mere Seconds: You don’t need to schedule 30 minutes a day to practice self-care. All it takes is a few seconds to pause whatever task you’re working on and to do one of the tips above.

Author | Kayla Peart | @charcoalandsilk |

Featured photo via Kayla Peart