Mastering the Mindset of Success

This season has been particularly busy, and travel filled for me. For those of you who know me, you know that I love to travel – almost to the point of  obsession. I love travel in that it challenges me in changing my routine. Due to this, I frequently find myself losing the inner peace I am typically so accustomed to in a grounded lifestyle. As much as I love the hustle and bustle of travel, I am always recharged by a alone time which I use to read, workout, meditate, or do a little writing. These are practices which have become a part of my daily routine when I am home. However, they are often the first to go when I am on the road.

The stresses of delayed flights and changing environments can throw off my typically present and centered self. It’s a great reality check, and a reminder that staying in the moment is difficult, but still possible, regardless of my environment. Travel is one of the best times to practice living presently, simply for the fact that it is challenging. It has also taught me we can learn from each moment, and within each challenge. My hope is to see the lesson offered in each experience, rather than view it as an inconvenience. Travel has also offered me a large dose of humility, and awareness  of how far I have left to go in my journey towards a present and engaged life. The game of life is either won or lost in the battlefield of the mind, and how we choose to react in each moment is a defining measure of our success.

I encourage each of you to remember the following truths as we enter a new season. These are mantras I write down and repeat on a daily basis to keep myself accountable, growing, and courageous. As I have regularly seen in my own life - growth and expansion are impossible without the right mindset, which starts with what we believe to be true of our lifestyles. My hope  is to live each day inspired, passionate, and in pursuit of whatever leads us to the fullest expression of our purpose here in the universe.

We Are Responsible...

for the action, or lack there of, in our lives.It can be tempting to blame our circumstances or create excuses for our current state. However, this is merely a mechanism that we use to excuse ourselves from taking responsibility and creating the change we want to see. The key here is to understand that the current state of our life, whether good or bad, is a result of our actions, beliefs, and thoughts. The responsibility lies with no other person or event. This is absolutely fundamental to understand before attempting to move forward on any venture in  creating authentic change. Accepting responsibility for everything in our life automatically removes the mindset of self-pity and excuses, and replaces it with a spirit of boldness and self confidence. Passing the responsibility of our lives over to other people or life circumstances feels easier, because the blame for lost opportunities or a life of status quo will subsequently not fall to them. However, the opposite is actually true. Accepting accountability allows us to bloom into our full potential and pursue what we desire with relentless zest and passion.  

We Are Creating...

our lives with each moment , one decision at a time. Isn’t it easy to look back on our life, or the past couple of years, and think, “holy cow – how did I end up here?” We have all experienced this to some degree, especially when we find ourselves in “not so great” moments. Often end up exactly where we choose to be – every single time, without fail. It is no mystery when we wake up and  realize that our life circumstances are nothing like we had imagined they would be. Though they have derived from the choices we have made in every moment, every hour, day after day, every year. Every word that we say, every choice that we make, is consciously or subconsciously creating our personal reality. We are all creating our lives, similarly to how an artist creates a beautiful tapestry – one stroke at a time. When we can see life in this context, each moment and each day becoming profoundly important. Make no mistake – you ARE creating a life; each of us are. It is a matter of WHAT life we are creating, and whether that life is comprised of conscious, empowered decisions or disengaged, purposeless drenched decisions.  

We Are Infinitely Capable, Unlimited, and Powerful...

beings able to accomplish whatever we want. I cannot overemphasize the importance of believing – and I mean truly believing – this point. There are no limits on what we can accomplish, acquire, and create when we utilize the power of our minds. The potential and resources available to every human soul are unlimited and abundant. We are a powerful force – able to create anything we desire and make up our mind to create – believe this. Repeat it to yourself. Do whatever it takes to ingrain this reality in your regular thinking. Without this groundwork,  rising challenges will knock you off course quickly and ruthlessly. Once we know this is true, we can access the abundance that is freely available to us.

We are Abundant...

beings with an infinite amount of resources available to us. However, the universe will manifest to us whatever we dwell on. If we tell ourselves that we do not have enough: money, time, opportunities, friends - or that there is not enough to go around, our lives will manifest this. A mindset set in scarcity creates deficiency and visa versa. In order to create a more abundant lifestyle, we must view the world as abundant, plentiful, and working in our favor. Anything else is a limiting belief that will slow us down, if not stop us completely, from creating the life of our dreams and accomplishing our wildest, most grandiose goals.  

We Are Finite...

beings with a fixed amount of days allocated to each of us. Most of us do do not live with this idea in mind. If you are healthy, the average person lives approximately 30,000 days. This means by age 25, you have lived well over a quarter of your days. If we acted on this understanding, our lives would look far different. In order to achieve the goals far from reach, we must  come to grips with the number 30,000, and realize that “someday” can no longer be used as an excuse for delay. Our “some days” are now – they are today. This moment. Today is the day for action, and "someday" exists nowhere but in your imagination. May this be a season of dreaming exceptionally large, pursuing your passions relentlessly, and pushing yourself to new heights.

Any meaningful change that we hope to see in our lives must first be preceded by the right mindset.

The way we perceive ourselves and the world around us will become the reality we experience. Our pursuit for a new way of thinking will involve hard work and consistent effort, though we cannot afford to be static. For where our minds go, so shall follow our actions and subsequently, our lives.

“Whatever you hold in your mind on a constant basis is exactly what you will experience in life.” - Tony Robbins.

Author: Bretley Roche | @bretleyroche |

Images via Kelly Boylan | @thereelkb |