A Call to Action

Anna in San Francisco.2

Dearest Readers,

Yesterday it felt like I was lounging around etching whimsical names for this blog in my journal. Except it really wasn’t yesterday. This day, I recall, was almost 4 years ago. The day I woke from a dream with the precise words in my mouth: The Soul Collect. Now here we are, here I am writing to you on this very blog. A place that holds a masterpiece of expression: of art, remembrance, emotion. Here you will find intimate stories told by women on different ventures; women who share their sentiments boldly, explore deeply the depths of their experiences. Here we have come. Here we find one another intimately.

A few weeks ago I looked at my friend Jenna in distraught. I feel myself being stretched entirely thin. I suppose each of us enters different seasons when called. Now, it seems I am in a season of labor. I work hard. Though I am entirely honest when I say I have never felt more purposeful. Even so, this means I must act deliberately in where I allocate my time and exertion. I looked at Jenna and expressed these concerns. How can I do it all? How can I water this blog with the love and labor it needs, while still paying mind to the other areas in my life that call my attention? How can I give myself fully to each of these? And her reply was pivotal; she said to honor this collective. After All, isn’t that what it was designed to be?

The Soul Collect is short for Collective. This blog was ultimately intended to be a shared project. A mission to cultivate an intimate community of women who celebrate the art of transparency, relish in meaningful discussion, and aspire to a wholesome standard of living. I wrote that statement 7 months ago. I remember being proud of it. Now I couldn’t be more proud with how this collection of stories and writers have emulated this purpose. We are making moves.

It is clear there is a space for our stories. There is a space for transparency in our modern culture.

This is a call to action. If you identify with our mission, if you seek transparency as a means for real connection, if you value enriching discussion, and you seek to live purposefully within your life… I am extending an invitation to join our team. There is a seat for you at our table. Imagine the lives we will touch? Imagine the hearts that will soften? The stories we will share? The relationships that will form? The pain that will heal? You have the opportunity to a pioneer a project that will set these acts into motion.

You will have the opportunity to trail blaze a movement of depth, honesty, and transparency.

So, how can you get involved? If The Soul Collect is a place that calls your attention, I would encourage you to look at your strengths and talents. What are you good at? What hobbies do you have that make you feel happy? Do you like taking photos? Are you good at writing? Editing? Is graphic design your thing? Let’s have a conversation. Let’s talk about the ways we can work together. I have a vision for this blog. I know our community will be a source of encouragement, inspiration, and guidance to women across the world. But I can’t do it on my own; I need your help to manifest our mission, and to lead with vision and purpose. This is a call to action.  

Love & Grace,

Anna Vatuone | @annavatuone | Founder

The following positions are being offered at The Soul Collect. Please note these are volunteer opportunities. If you are interested, please send an email to anna@thesoulcollect.com. Resumes and content samples are encouraged.  

•Content Shooters

•Content Writers 

•Social Media Manager


•Website Designer

•Graphic designer

•Creative Director